Tags based on Wikidata items to make them multilingual


I just had a flash: could Space’s tags (and maybe even categories?) be based on Wikidata items? Currently, all tags are in English. For example if I’m typing “stratégie” in French, no existing tag is suggested, while a number of posts are already tagged with “strategy” in English.


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Basing the tags on Wikidata items is a really good idea! It’s eating our own dogfood while increasing accessibility.


Glad you like the idea!
Thanks to you (and Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eating_your_own_dog_food) I also just learned a new expression in English :smiley:


This is a really cool idea, @DRanville_WMF! It’s worth looking into. I’d be curious to know how our current tags look in Wikidata—are there translations for these tags? Do these translations make sense for the context we’re using them in?

Very good question!
I looked into the example of “strategy” : https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q185451. It exists and has translations in dozens of languages. Of course it refers to the idea of strategy in general, not specifically to the wikimedia movement strategy, but it would still probably be usable for localization of this tag^^

Then of course, tags like “About Wikimedia Space” or “Space feature requests” are too specific.

But general topic like “education”, “research”, “events” or even “indigenous languages” (https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q645304) have useful Wikidata items…

I have very little software knowledge so I can’t push the reflection further about specifics, but I feel it could really help with localization :slight_smile: !


If technically possible (there is an API so there should be possible but I don’t know how complex), we could use these Wikidata-sourced translations when there is no translation of record in Discourse.

A bit of context. As part of Discussions in many languages, organized by tags we are already planning to make tags translatable (a feature that Discourse misses today). In this context, maybe Wikidata (and automatic translation engines?) could pre-populate translations automatically wherever a manually translated tag is missing.

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It is absolutely doable. In fact, it has been done by others for a long time.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle, has since April 1st 2016 tagged our online news and feature articles with concepts from Wikidata.


Just a note that we are talking with the developer working on the suite of multilingual features about whether this will be feasible in the context of what we’re doing, and if we can get it in this round of development. I will update as I know more.