Target of "Wikimedia Space" link on the top bar

Can we make “WIKIMEDIA SPACE” in the top bar link to the main page of this site, instead of the (not terribly useful IMO) static landing page? The site name / logo brings you to the top view on basically every website, so I click on it all the time to get back to the start page, and then get confused. The issue is even worse on mobile where the other topbar links are not visible.


So would that be to:

I suppose the current arrangement of objects on the landing page is only temporary and will undergo changes once we select a logo and propose some improvements. Here are some of my thoughts on what might be improved:

  • The top bar contains links to the blog and discussion landing pages with links to the same two pages immediately bellow in the “Stories” and “Conversations” boxes. This should be rearranged so that the doubled links are removed.
  • The log-in page for the blog is underlinked and the main way to access it is through the “Submit News” button on the landing page. There should be, at least, a direct way to get to this page from the blog pages.

On Discourse it should go to On the blog, probably to although I don’t use it so I’m not sure what navigation patterns exist there.

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