The importance of enabling RSVP when publishing events

I’m personally excited about the possibilities of the RSVP feature for events published in Wikimedia Space. Right now it is barely used, and many times not even enabled (it is disabled by default and there doesn’t seem to be a setting to make it enabled by default). However, I believe RSVP may become a useful feature if we are systematic about it, and about events in Space generally:

  • Events organizers and future participants are interested in knowing who is planning to come.
  • Especially for small meetups, seeing a couple of people planning to attend already gives a very different flair to the event post. It may help building critical mass. It may help starting a conversation in the topic, warming up, identify topics beforehand, coordinate transport, promotion…
  • Right now Wikimedia Space is young and quite unknown, but if event organizers start publicizing Space at the events themselves, then we may start creating a feedback loop benefiting everyone: participants of a meetup follow up at Space after the event, they get more involved in conversations between meetups, they RSVP when a new meetup is called, which shows more participants beforehand that might help building a bigger critical mass…

Let’s also think this from the perspective of a newcomer (because one day Wikimedia Space may be filled with newcomers). RSVP “Going” might be one of the first big steps in Space, one of the first big contributions of a newcomer to Wikimedia. Atending to your fisrt meetup is a bold decision, and yet it would take just one click here.

As event publishers and moderators, should we be systematic about enabling RSVP? I’m curious about your thoughts!

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I didn’t becuse the event I published here was just a mirror of the one on the meetup page on my local Wikipedia. I’d rather have people signing up there than here, because that is closer to my community (not all of them have found their way here). So if it were up to me I would disable them for my events and point them to the “original” meetup post.

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@Ainali, I see, and sorry if adding RSVP to your event was too bold from my part.

I guess the difference is that, for me, RSVP here doesn’t substitute registration and doesn’t compete with e.g. a page. It’s a light social feature, a one-click way to tell your peers that you are joining.

No worries. I just made a new event and now I enabled it as a try. One thing struck me though. When I go to the event, it looks like if I have already clicked “Going”. But it turns out that is just the label on the grey button, because when I tried to click on it to show I am not, it turned blue. That is a bit confusing to me. A better label would perhaps be “Going?”.


Yes, I agree that the usability of this “Going” button could be better. We could add a custom “Going?” here, but this wouldn’t solve the problem for translations.

@qgil-WMF I have similar situation than Ainali. Usually we try to advertise our events on several platforms (Wikipedia, facebook,, Space etc.). If there is option to sign up everywhere, it is very hard to follow who and how many people will come.

How can we integrate this into existing methods of indicating attendance? In our local events, the regulars sign up on the en.wp event page and the new/non- wikipedians sign up using EventBrite. I’m not sure how a third method would be helpful?

Perhaps I launched this conversation too soon, and (if my intuition serves me right) it will make more sense when Space has a critical mass and is attractive to newcomers. We are not there yet.

Depends on how helpful are the on-wiki and third party methods at engaging and retaining newcomers. Knowing that the answer will not be evident, neither the same for all events. :slight_smile:

Another potential factor in this complex equation:

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