The respect of personhood vs the respect of authority

I came across an interesting statement. It’s about the use of the word respect and how we might “mistakenly conflate” its meaning when communicating between each other. I thought I’d share it here for others to ponder and perhaps we can discuss.

"Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority”

and sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “if you won’t respect me I won’t respect you” and they mean “if you won’t treat me like an authority I won’t treat you like a person”

and they think they’re being fair but they aren’t, and it’s not okay."



This happens. (for some reason this would not post until padded to at least 20 characters, which seems absurd)

Respect of a person is achieved by good deeds, respect of authority is achieved with fear of authority. The latter is submission, not respect, although it’s often “mistaken” with respect in an authoritarian context.
Another difference: Honesty is an important pillar of mutual respect, thus true respect allows constructive criticism, while authoritarian respect does not.