Translating the top banner

Hello, almost all the Wikimedia Space interface is translated (at least in French). However, the top banner (where it is written “Blog”, Discuss", “Map”, “Calendar”, “Guidelines”, “About” and “Ask a question”) is displayed in English. Is there a place where one can translate these strings so that they are displayed in my language?


Not yet.
They are considered as part of internationalization our own items - links, main page, tag and category names. This is where you can start learning and be updated: Building a multilingual Space, part I

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This post is generic and do not talk specifically about the top banner. So this post is relevant from my point of view. How to translate the top banner. Do we need to open a Phabricator ticket to be able to translate? Or maybe, it is already possible to translate but I do not know where.

No. Until Discourse will have code to accept translations to navigation it is not possible currently. I remember this was mentioned already. You need to wait when admins add necessary features.

If you want to translate interface (navigation is customized so it is local), you can do this on Transifex, project “Discourse”.


I believe the technical solution is explained here:

In addition to adding #i18n to our top nav bar, we should also establish a process to contribute, review and implement translations of our local strings.