Tremendous Wiktionary User Group on Space

On behalf of the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group, we would be interested to have a category for this user group here.

This new space could be interesting for our user group because we are looking for a user-friendly solution to talk together. The on-wiki discussion is not so perfect because not a lot of member of the user group follow the Meta pages and so they are not aware about new discussions.

The “About” post could be (I guess you can modify it later if needed)
A place to talk about the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group. This official user group aims to facilitate communication within communities, develop collaborations, promote Wiktionaries and coordinate technical improvements. Also, it aims to encourage contributors to write proposal for grants to fulfill their needs, mainly to set-up meetup or conferences.

About the category, I did not see any category for the project user groups (or other). I think it could be interesting to create this main category and to add the TWUG category inside.


Hello @Pamputt! Welcome!

Happy to get you set up here. I think you’re right that there’s no an appropriate category (yet!). I was thinking that maybe we could open a “project coordination” category, in which user groups or other groups could collaborate on the improvement of non-regionally-specific projects. I think we have the geographical element covered in #regional-coordination, for language projects and regionally-based affiliates, but agree there is a current void. What do you think about “project coordination” or similar?

'project coordination" sounds good to me. Go ahead :smiley:


Okay great. Will build this out later today and let you know.

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Shortened the name slightly so it would fit better on the homepage! You can find your category now under #project-coordination, also accessible here: Any tweaks just let me know.