Try Reference Previews, a new beta feature!

A new beta feature called Reference Previews is now available on all Wikipedias and on three Wikivoyage projects.

As the name already suggests, this feature gives you a preview of references in the article text. That means, you can look up a reference without jumping down to the bottom of the page. If specified, the preview also shows the type of a reference: whether it’s a web, journal, book or news reference. This can help readers evaluate the trustworthiness of a citation more quickly.

Reference Previews originated from a wish from the German-speaking wiki community to have the preview functionality that already exists in many wikis integrated into MediaWiki.

We’re inviting everyone to give the feature a try: Please activate the beta feature and let us know what you think on the central feedback page! If you’d like to know more about this feature, please visit the project page.


This is such a great explainer video!

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I’m so glad this feature finally exists as a universal part of our platform. It is long overdue really. I do think that some improvement can still be made. I think we need to play a bit with the popup sizing etc.