Update about the closure of Discuss Space

Six weeks ago the Space team announced the decision to close Discuss Space and the plan to freeze this forum by March 31 (today). In this short amount of time many things have changed in our lives, and keeping the usual workload and planned deadlines in this and other projects has not been possible. We wanted to have a Space Lessons Learned doc ready for review and discussion by now. We don’t have it yet.

For these reasons, we are updating the plan with a small change. Today we are going to freeze all Discuss Space categories (preventing the publication of new topics and comments) with these exceptions:

  • #about-wikimedia-space and subcategories, in order to keep a channel here to discuss about Next steps on Wikimedia Space.
  • #mailing-lists and subcategories because these are just mirrors, manual publication of topics and comments is disabled already, and we feel that next steps specific to these mirrors are related to the wider discussion about Space.

The former Space team hopes to share a first draft of the Lessons Learned in the next weeks. In addition to this, we are working on the migration of the Blog to production servers and we hope to start sharing updates soon as well.

There is one good thing about the period of silence here combined with all the news and changes in the rest of the movement (starting with the adjournment of all events including Wikimania). All of us got a chance (when not an obligation) to distance ourselves from what were our established movement routines until recently. Even if the questions and problems the Space prototype was set to solve are the same, the circumstances and the context of movement collaboration have changed at many levels. The former Space team hopes that the Lessons Learned draft contributes to stir good ideas about what to do next, not only about Space but about movement communications and collaboration in general.


SEIZURE: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T248841


Hi @Wargo, I posted an initial reply in the Phabricator task, but maybe this is a discussion to be had mainly in Space? Feel free to open a new topic to discuss it.

Why not just keep discussions open? :)

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