Update on the future of the Space blog

Since we last spoke about the next steps for Wikimedia Space we mentioned that the blog portion of the prototype will continue in a new home. I wanted to give a small update on the progress of that endeavor.

At the moment we’re working on getting a new blog site setup with a new URL. We’ll then migrate the archive of Space blog content. We’ll also be migrating the archives from blog.wikimedia.org to this new community blog! This will help us keep all the community news created over the years in one place, while we work together on creating news with folks across the movement.

Our goals are to keep the existing features that make the Space blog useful and unique. Authentication via Wikimedia credentials, an open editorial process, comments, and the ability to translate article content into multiple languages.

We’ll have more to share in May, including a name and domain. For now, please continue to submit your news to the Space blog and reach out if you have ideas or suggestions for articles.


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