Upgrading Discourse / Discuss Space (this site)

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Discourse 2.4.0beta2 was released this Monday:

At least for this prototype phase, we will try to update Discourse a week after the latest beta version is released. With this approach we aim to follow the latest upstream version from a close distance, but not so close as to stumble onto post-release inconsistencies (it happened to us already once, last week).

Therefore, we plan to update Discourse around 2019-07-22T07:00:00Z. There will be a (hopefully short) period when this site will be down.

The upgrade has proceeded without any problems. Here you have the release notes (nothing huge).

Click here to check what exactly has been updated.


  • Remote Version: v2.4.0.beta2 +68
  • Last Updated: 33 minutes ago
  • 82 new commits




  • Remote Version: f934a7f
  • Last Updated: an hour ago
  • 1 new commit


  • Up to date

Discourse Phabricator Connect

  • Up to date




  • Up to date.
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Actually, I just thought that readers of this topic might be interested in the summary of new features that came with Discourse 2.3, released as stable version last month:

Discourse 2.4.0.beta3 has been just released:

There are several new features especially relevant for us:

  • Add support for group members visibility level & Send notification when member was accepted to group.
  • List category moderators on the about page
  • Customization of html emails

I don’t know enough to assess whether these ones may help our integration with MediaWiki:

  • Embed topics list on remote sites via Javascript API?
  • Add a webhook for user notifications?

I will let a couple of weeks pass before upgrading here.

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We have just updated to the latest version of Discourse. You have the announcement of Discourse 2.4.0.beta3 above. We have got the beta4 too, although it is a simple bugfix that doesn’t affect us.

Enjoy the new features!

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Today at about 13:00 UTC we will install (but not yet enable) our new Wikimedia login plugin. We will have to take down the forum a few minutes while we do so.

The Wikimedia login plugin has been installed, but not enabled yet. This should happen soon. Check Wikimedia login for updates.

(Wikimedia login was enabled the same day I posted the comment above.)

There is a new version of Discourse:

However, it doesn’t bring much for us. There is an expected update of the Wikimedia Login plugin around the 28th of this month. Unless there is a reason to upgrade before, we may just wait for that occasion.

We have decided to upgrade a few days prior to updating the Wikimedia Login plugin, primarily because a commit we requested was made to the Edit Wiki feature. All users are now able to tag posts by others, and it is now clear when a user is not able to edit the category or title of a post (users with TL2 and below).

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We have upgraded to the latest version of Discourse. We had upgraded in December, but for some reason the release notes didn’t land here. So here the recap (check the links for the full list of new features):

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I think the two interesting improvements here are the email forwarding indicator (this was a rather nasty omission for mailing list mirrors) and the trust level growth report, both in b11. Would be nice to see the latter for this site.


It’s time to upgrade again, if only to assure that we get the security fixes. I will upgrade later this week, not to break anything right now when we have just shared an Update about the closure of Discuss Space.