Username conformity now in action

Janelas gémeas - Twin windows (19129857351)
José Carlos Casimiro, CC-BY SA 2.0

For all you pre-single-user-login astronauts, your Space identity is now one with your Wikimedia identity. As mentioned in Wikimedia login comes to Wikimedia Space, username conformity at login went into full swing today.

But I still have my old Space username!

Just log out, log back in, and see the magic unfold :sparkler:

Any issues? Report below!


Ha! I’m not me any longer! I’m an entirely new person!


I’m never logging out then, so I can stay with my lowercase FOREVAH.

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So, it seems a new account have been created for me (@Misc) instead of login me on the previous one (@Misc). Is it possible to merge them ? I do not remember the timeline for the various events, but I know I had the first account before the username conformity was announced.


@Misc, it is fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.