Voting - name for a social area on Space

Voting happening now. Scroll down to cast your vote. :ballot_box:

Russell Lee, PD

We’ve been thinking—would it be nice to have a social area here? A place to share fun updates, gifs, photos, and get to know one another? A place where we can ask each other things like “What’s the most recent article you’ve edited?”, “Why did you start working on the projects?”, “What’s the Wikimedia presence like in your area?” and share Space or project-related milestones like this one.

It can appear as a category in the sidebar, along with the ones you already see like #ask-here and #about-wikimedia-space. If you like this idea, let’s put our minds together to name it!

  • Happy hour?
  • Social corner?
  • The lounge?
  • The satellite? (“Space” pun anyone? Too cheesy?)

The Satellite! It’s a beautiful idea.


Also +1 on the Satellite
(edit - clarifying that I’m +1ing any terms connected to outer space :) )


That is, unless you don’t want to try to attract any of those who are active in the various Telegram groups . . .

The Wikimedia Discord servers and Telegram groups already sort of serve this function. Allowing off-topic discussion would likely be beneficial for the growth of the site, although it would probably make moderation slightly more difficult (both because of the increase in activity and the increase in variety).

Having a genuine and officially-sanctioned forum with normal forum software is already quite nice, in and of itself, since (to my knowledge) up until now there hasn’t ever been one, and that might have made it unnecessarily difficult for new users to figure things out. Allowing more varied discussion could further aid with editor retention (although perhaps not in a particularly big way).

I specifically avoid those as it’s chat. Chat is only useful for me for very limited amounts of time, usually around events or for direct communications. It’s way too much of a distraction otherwise. I have no problem with making it easy to enter those spaces from a more low key interaction like this however.

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I like satellite

Other space themed options could be:

  • Nebula (where stars are born)
  • Galaxy (where stars come together)
  • or even Local Group (maybe so simple it’s confusing, but also with a nice space meaning)

Also this software has a poll feature… just saying.

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Love the other ideas! And yes, @TheDJ is right, we can have a poll for this. So far the outer-space references seem to be in the lead.

  • The Satellite
  • The Nebula
  • The Galaxy

(Local Group is very clever but yes, probably not very descriptive for people just landing here)

I’ll keep the brainstorm open until Wednesday and then build a poll with the contenders! Thanks, all.

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A space station? This one is usually inhabited, in contrast to satellites.


Alright, let’s test out this poll feature! :sparkler: :rocket:

This poll is anonymous. Vote once for your favorite name for the new social corner. The vote will be open until Monday, July 8 at 23:59 UTC.

  • The Satellite
  • The Nebula
  • The Galaxy
  • The Space Station

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(We tested the feature to send a message to all registered users as well. Something not to be abused but good to know it is there. Just FYI, it is possible to send messages only trust-level-1 , or TL2, etc.)

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I have to say, as a non-native English speaker, none of proposed names makes me associate it with “social area”.


Hey @Papuass, thanks for posting this. Early in the conversation (above), the name suggestions went in the direction of outer-space puns that allude to gathering/communicating rather than something more conventional that more obviously implies “social area”.

Below the category on the homepage, there will be a description saying that this is the social area to talk about anything that’s on your mind, so perhaps that will clarify? What do others think?

If the general sentiment is that we want to go with something more conventional, I’m all for it. Just let me know in this discussion and we can decide how to move forward. Figuring this all out as we go!

Again, thanks for bringing this up!

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I’m unable to actually vote, but yet I can see the votes so far…is it me or is it me? :)

I’d prefer McFaceSpace ;)

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I wouldn’t vote for any of these, but if you want a nerdy suggestion, perhaps The Cantina. Even if you don’t get any of what it could refer to, it still makes sort of sense and are analogous to a village pump or water cooler.


Do you see a button “Hide results”? Do you see the options to vote when you click it?

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I can see the ‘hide results’ and ‘show results’ button but no option to actually vote. I can click on the radio buttons, but nothing happens. :-|

I am glad you sent the notification for the poll, as I would not have seen it otherwise as I have not visited the space recently in part as there is not a place for social or chat here.

Seems that may be getting addressed, though I really want to see community involvement in this, as opposed to only staff making the decisions. Then again, these were made in response to community input and requests, so I suppose I am answering my own question / issue. Decided to post this anyway as an opportunity to share in my own thinking on this, sort of like a Proustian Memory—Proustian_memory related in part as Proust is my current reading. TMI, but this poll is about social after all.

Probably too late to say that I do not like any of the names of the social space offered in the survey – they all seem a bit like Star Trek from the 60’s, and not really forward thinking enough to be a social spot. Take the Satellite, which is something that spins around the important stuff, as if a social spot were only an offshoot and not core to the purpose of this space itself. Space Station also has the sense of being an outpost, while I think social and an opportunity for these very sorts of conversations are key to this system growing legs and taking off (pun intended). Not sure I really relate to The Nebula (like the Science Fiction award?) or The Galaxy (anybody hear, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope” in the ether? Then again, I did not offer any other options, so there you go.

Alas, maybe I should have replied here before stuffing my head full of the space opera or telenovela that is FramBan.

Ahh, we do need social, if for no other reason than to try to make sense of the wonderful and zany world we are making through the experiment that is Wiki.

29 voters in 12 hours! :tada:

If when you click on a radio button you see that option selected, then that is your vote. I suspect that you are voting alright (and this is why you can see the results), but you are expecting to see something else. The fact is that this feature is very simple: select an option, see the results, move on. :slight_smile:

Wikimedia Space just completed its first week :birthday: and everything is still so young and flexible. There was enough interest to try out a social category, and to do that technically we need a name. We could have started with “Social name to be defined” or something :wink:, we are testing the survey feature instead. By the end of Monday a name will be selected and the category can be created.

Then, if the Space participants want to revisit this name, there will be a category in place to discuss and agree in the ways and with the timeline they prefer. At the end, it’s a string on a piece of software displayed on a digital interface, not an inscription carved in stone.

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Sorta sounds like Wikipedia itself ;-)

I have used Discourse over many years in other capacities, and think the open source community, functionality, and flexibility of it is fantastic. Glad we are trying it.

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