We are highlighting the work User:Ixocactus for his contributions in Wikimedia & Education

We have received the nomination for this month by Joalpe, who introduces us to Ixocactus:

"A pioneer in Wikimedia + Education from Brazil, who against all odds- when the Education activities activities were not so well known in the community, he kept a lively and engaged community around the potentials of the idea that Wikimedia belongs in education.

He is a professor in the area of ​​ecology at the Department of Biological Sciences at Santa Cruz State University in Ilhéus in the State of Bahia who has diligently held education programs for more than eight years or so. He is the person to whom our community turns to when we have questions pertaining to how educational institutions can contribute to Wikimedia projects.

I would also like to highlight a project of his called Caminhão com Ciência (Truck with Science): with students of his he goes on to impoverished cities in the State of Bahia in a truck to increase science and Wikimedia awareness."

You can read an interview of User:Ixocactus in Portuguese here.

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