Welcome to the Growth space!

Welcome to the Growth space!

This space is one of the outcomes of Wikimania 2019. During a Community Growth session, someone suggested to use the Space to coordinate our actions around:

  • sharing best practices on how to welcome and retain newcomers,
  • have cross-wiki discussions about all the initiatives we have,
  • debate and figure out how to have more efficient actions that target newcomers,
  • discover research and technical solutions that exist,
  • and more!

This space is your space: please start messages, participate to conversations, encourage people sharing our goals to join and more!

Let’s start by saying hi by replying to this topic! Who are you, what is your Wikimedia project (online and/or offline) and what do you expect from this space?


I’m starting!

I’m Benoît, also known on the wikis as Trizek. I’m a volunteer on French Wikipedia since 2008 and a Wikimedia Foundation Community Relations Specialist since 2015.

As a volunteer, I’m one of the founders of the “Help and Welcome” wikiproject on French Wikipedia. This project started in 2011 and has worked on several tools and redesigns to facilitate newcomers’ first steps on our wiki. We have a presentation in English of our achievements.

As a WMF staff, I’m working with the Growth team. The Growth team creates new experimental tools that would ease newcomers first steps and increase retention. My role is (mostly) to involve more communities to the experiment.

I’m really looking for more coordination across the wikis and also to increase experience sharing: a lot of wikis have tried to improve how the newcomers are welcomed, and we are not always aware of the existence of those initiatives.

If you have any question about any of these points, please create a new topic!



I am Samat from the Hungarian Wikipedia and from Wikimedia Hungary. Beside the chapter administration, my main activity is community coordination and volunteer support. Currently, I am the community and project manager of the Hungarian editor retention program. I am looking forward to hearing about others activities and experiment in this topic.


Hi all!

I’m Gergő (Tgr) from Hungary. I am helping out @Samat with the editor retention program, mainly on the technical side. T223892 is the Phabricator epic for coordinating related tasks. Some of the more interesting ones: examining whether disabling FlaggedRevs increases growth (T209224) and building an editor retention oriented statistics portal (T218277).

In my alternate identity Tgr (WMF), I have just joined the Growth team as a software engineer.


Howdy! I’m Isaac Fischer. I’m an Editor Experience Specialist with the Growth Team at Fandom (formerly Wikia). I’ve been editing wikis for nearly 10 years, but rarely on Wikimedia communities. Our Editor Experience team develops tools and strategies to reach out to and retain contributors and improve the overall experience for our global user base. My personal role focuses on drawing out casual editors to become more prolific, and to educate users on best practices.

I met many of the participants of this space at Wikimania 2019, and we have many of the same Growth issues at Fandom as there are at the Wikimedia projects. I’m hoping this (and other) spaces can help us compare notes and share experiences. There are plenty of areas for us to share our common ground and get and convey new ideas.