What contribution to a Wikipedia article you are most proud of?

So folks, let’s discuss about a Wikipedia article you’ve created or significantly contributed to that you’re most proud of.

For me, it’s the article about the Old bazaar of Skopje on the Macedonian Wikipedia, which took me several months to compile detailed information, conduct a photohunt to take images from the unphotographed monuments, and marry all materials together to expand the main article along with the articles on the monuments. At the time of completing its expansion, the article was one of the 10 longest on the project and it has been a featured article since April 2012.


At the difference of @Kiril_Simeonovski, one of the article I am the most proud is not of my longest. It’s about Rochers aux Oiseaux on the French Wikipedia. The article is about a unhabited island, one of the oldest bird sanctuary in Canada and one of the two northern gannet colonies in Quebec. I’m pretty proud to have found the desdription of the flora in the Flore laurentienne. And also the lengh of the article that is just right. It was a Good Article since october 2010.

I have also montagne du Fourneau who begin with realy nice hike with my parents to the top of this mountain. I asked myself: «Why this mountain have this name». After some rechearsh, I found the origin of the name, and with some documentation from the Lac-Témiscouata National Park and some local history societies, the articje was labelized Good Article on frwiki in november 2014.

Montagne du Fourneau


For now, I am most proud about writing the first article on any language about Greta Thunberg. I understood very early that she would be notable soon so I started to gather sources for a long time. I even got to record a short video of her. Even though I waited for a long time, some people still questioned the notability, but her achievements and my sources made it clear that question was settled so that argument was short lived.


For me, that will be all articles related with Macedonian Expeditions, but one of my favourite is Church of the Transfiguration on Macedonian Wikipedia, which is situated in the mountain village Gopeš, near Bitola, second most populated city in Macedonia.

This church is cultural heritage of Macedonia, but until Veloexpedition in 2017, where we ride with our bikes and documented several villages in that area, we never have images and/or article on Macedonian Wikipedia.

This church contains image of car Ford in early 1930s, which was an attraction in that period of time. Additionally, this village was one of the very first in our country that have public electricity on its streets.


I am proud of improving my university article (hashemite university in Jordan) and also medical article especially heart attack article.


Getting Underwater diving on English Wikipedia to Featured article, and then translating it for Afrikaans Wikipedia


At an international level, I helped improving the article about the Gaia hypothesis in English Wikipedia.

At a local level, I helped improving the article about Frederica Montseny in Catalan Wikipedia, even contacting a photographer who had taken pictures of her in 1977 to relicense them.

I got motivational boosts when receiving a few emails or mentions in social media by people thanking me for the edits in these articles years later. But there is more, once I met one person in real life and he said something like “Are you the same Quim Gil who worked on the Gaia hypothesis article?”