What do you mean here by prototype?

Is the prototype just for feedback? Or is it actually intended to be a forum for discussion?


I don’t think there is a firm answer if it isn’t mentioned in the Meta-Wiki documentation or on this forum (there is no documentation on the MediaWiki wiki or on Phabricator), since this appears to have been done mostly behind closed doors.

Given that the site already functions as a forum, and given that a lot of the discussions are actually about something rather than just being tests, I guess whether or not the forum is actually intended to be used doesn’t really matter. If the forum isn’t meant to be permanent, it’s presumably still fine to use it as long as the discussions are archived somewhere after the forum closes.

Hi @Kerry_Raymond, this is of course a very good question.

Today we are calling Wikimedia Space a prototype for these reasons:

  • Socially, it is a proposal to the movement, not a finished or official product. We believe it will generate interest, feedback, criticism and contributions in ways that a text-only proposal in (say) Meta Wiki wouldn’t achieve.
  • Technically, it is the result of about three weeks of part time work by four people. Pretty bare bones WordPress and Discourse, hosted in a Cloud VPS and maintained by people like me who are learning as we go (not professional sysadmins).

However, Wikimedia Space is ready to receive real news and real questions and discussions by real contributors:

  • Socially, Wikimedia Space is developed as part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s plans, we have a team with a budget committing to its maintenance and development, and we are going to keep promoting this space for real use as we improve it.
  • Technically, we are using solid software in a setup that is usable, we take daily backups, and we are working on a timeline to bring Wikimedia Space to production servers (where the official Wikimedia infrastructure is hosted).

So please, feel free to start contributing news, questions and conversations, and please invite whoever you think should know about this new space.