What is the re-use of one of your pictures you are most proud of? Or happy about?

I hope I am not the only one vain enough to sometimes search for my own images elsewhere on the internet. I am always happy to see one used well - be it a picture of a place I visited on holidays being used by a touristic site, one of my pictures of poets being used by Goethe institute or a cultural blog, or even by the poets themselves on their homepages. But up to now, the biggest success one of my pictures had outside the wikimedia projects, was this image of Sainkho Namtchylak being used by Le Monde.
As I find this so very motivating for myself, I am wondering what others have found out about where their pictures end up being used well! What is your story?


Interesting topic! Can someone point to one or more tools to check re-use perhaps?


Mine are all over the place, the top reuses so far have been the Britannica, the Forbes, and the USA today.

Oum-el-Rbia-River, Britannica


Google is the top one. Search for your username.

(Did you mean “Google Images”? In any case, my username has a meaning. Hence, looking for it brings up pictures/info which have nothing to do with my uploads. )

No, for me just Google search for my (either) username works. Of course I realize that for some people it would not, but may be if you add Wikimedia Commons you should be able to find most of the reuses.

I am doing Google Image search and am only cursed with the fact that there is a person calling herself “una Kritzolina” active on Pinterest… but yes, I see you have a real problem with using that search!

I love this topic @Kritzolina! I hadn’t actually looked before at reuse of my Commons images outside of Wikimedia. Google search worked okay for me (sorry @Elitre_WMF!).

Nothing I’m too proud of yet, although it was funny to see my photo of Half Moon Bay on a somewhat questionable real estate website, as well as my photo from Cuba on a pretty travel website in French.

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I think the re-use that I liked most this year was of someone uploading this photo of mine to Commons, and using it on the 2018–19 United States federal government shutdown article on English Wikipedia. I took it with every intention of uploading it to Commons, but first put it on Flickr with a CC-BY-SA license, and @Victorgrigas uploaded it before I had a chance to.

That sort of thing is the reason I still try to convince (non-wiki) people to use Flickr, and to set their default license to an open one.


Hi Elena, you have some amazing shots there! Keep them coming! I am sure they will be reused more often! Have you looked into the process of getting images promoted to quality images? If not I suggest you should!


Photos I took at a protest against the EU copyright reform were used in two articles, Websites Protest EU’s New Copyright Plan and a Dutch article, and a photo I took of a tomb in the Panthéon was used in The 5 Women Honoured at the Paris Pantheon. I would never have thought to look for these, so thank you for this question!

(Though the Google results weren’t too useful for me, since I’m not primarily a Commons photographer; but I did find some rather odd blogspot sites with some weird dewiki drama and then the copy+pasted WMDE employee page o_O)


Amazing; just searched out my username now on google and so surprised to see different reuse of my images scattered all over Nigeria tourist website, real estates, non-governmental organization and so much more… one of the prominent ones that was used include this as a cover image on Culture Trip, on All Africa Webiste and on this stacker website… Really fun tracking the reuse of the various images and seeing how helpful it was to various contents.


Unfortunately, many of my images on Commons, as well images from another users, which depicts buildings or landscapes from Macedonia, when some media re-use it, they missed to share the author, or they put “source: Wikipedia” only.

Additionally, when you have your username same as your Instagram, also does not help your search on Google :slight_smile:


Pictures of Wikicheese were used on Twitter by the French diplomacy. When I’ve created the project my main goal was to answer to some criticize that WP of WM are just some things from USA.


This image has been used by numerous scientific articles, several books and some magazines. But the use that meant most to me (which I couldn’t find right now) was when it was used on a website for relatives to people with cancer. It was used to explain some of the procedures and machines their next-of-kin were experiencing at the hospital. Just the notion that my snapshot, that wasn’t planned at all, perhaps could give them some information at all in their time of need touched me deeply.



Yes, proper attribution IS a problem. As is finding the places of reuse, when you publish pictures on different sites yourself!

Thank you so much for sharing this story. I am so happy and even a little proud at times to belong to this movement which creates good in so many unexpected ways!


Oh cool! I have never looked before, never thought to google my volunteer username + commons…
But it turns out that my photos are used:

In a survival blog in an article about surviving hypothermia

(the photo of the people in the water in the hole in the ice)

On tripwolf.com (never heard of it)
(the main photo of the hospital)

Fun! :)


Oh, also as the main photo in an article about California climate change!


Most proud? This guy is a professional photographer, and he chose to use a picture on his user page that I took of him. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gebruiker:Ter-burg