Which modern, reactive web framework to choose for the new decade: Vue or React?

The Frontend Architecture Working Group posted an awesome proposal that could be the foundation for bringing MediaWiki’s (and Wikimedia’s) user experience to present-day expectations: RFC: Adopt a modern JavaScript framework for use with MediaWiki. Many thanks for their great work.

This change has the potential to make development more focused on features (not technical details), more agile and welcoming to designers, casual programmers, and volunteers. It would determine how MediaWiki is developed and how these wikis look and interact with the users in the new decade or more.

Vue and React are the two frameworks that match the expectations (Angular is a more substantial and opinionated framework, Ember and Backbone are from a previous generation in regards of reactivity).

Vue and React are very similar in features and backgrounds. The small differences, however, reveal a conceptual difference that distinguishes projects that benefit most from one or the other.
See the essay researching these differences and coming up with a conclusion based on the developer experience of each framework.

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