Which tools do communities use to communicate?

A while ago, to jumpstart the conversation about this year’s Talk pages consultation, a "catalogue" was started in order to get a current snapshot of the many, many ways in which community and affiliate members talk to each other.

(if you’re wondering, yes, I lazily just copy/pasted the TOC of that page above and it looks amazing here :heart_eyes:).
Are the tools that you (and the groups you belong to) use there already? What’s missing? Thanks for your help in compiling this resource!


Very related:

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It depends pretty much whom you ask. Some people use exclusively on-wiki communication, there are some others who hang out all the time at IRC and visit projects occasionally. I personally try to keep all communication onwiki, using e-mail when really needed(for example, participation in teams closing difficult request, or handling some information which is better not handled onwiki).

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