Who are Wiktionaries best competitors?


I like questions in title, have you notice?

Well, Wiktionary is not the only dictionary around, there is plenty of those. Modern ones, old ones. By scholars, press editors, software editors, academies (such as Académie française), everyone (such as Urban Dictionary). For all of those, there is some aspects better handled and flaws.

I think it could be interesting to point out the better aspects of Wiktionaries competitors. It could be a way to think about enhancement for our project.

For example, I like Usito for Quebecois French, because it offer a very nice list of synonyms and related words in a column, it’s neat. For example with the entry paie.

And you, which dictionary do you like most? Which aspect is better than the Wiktionary you know?


Usito probably make is best move by becoming free last week. :star_struck:

I like Trésor de la Langue Française informatisé because of is uge corpus of word, event if it is a not a evolving dictionary (it don’t enter new words or new senses).

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For German, DWDS.de is very good. It uses a corpus-based approach mixed with strong editorial content. It gets funding from the German ministry of education. It has examples for most senses, and links to more usages in a list of corpora. I often use it to find citations for Wiktionary.

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