Why am I still seeing a "Join" button when visiting the Blog?

After finishing with the welcome bot, I clicked to the blog, and it asks me to join again. I don’t understand what it means – am I not logged in somewhere?


Hi @Valereee, welcome to Space!

No worries, if you can post here it means that you have joined.

Currently that “Join” button is displayed to all users, and you are not the first one who has been confused by it. Space is young and we keep improving it as we receive useful feedback like yours.


Also remember there is Blog and Forum. These are connected and you can use account from Discuss but Blog is separate software and place and it needs additional login process to contribute. Also, you can join Blog by taking part in contributing it or reading. So, it is still true you can join even already joined on site that is part of “Space”.


To give a bit more detail around what @Wargo said, Discuss Space (this area) is powered by Discourse, whereas the Space Blog and the Space homepage are powered by WordPress. They are not yet communicating with each other very well (Space is still young, as @qgil-WMF says :slight_smile:). You are seeing “Join” when you navigate over to WordPressLand if you are not also logged in there. We will be working soon on helping these two sides communicate better.

Ah, got it – thanks all!