Why does the Growth category now have so many subcategories?

Unfortunately it seems the Growth space has been reorganized into a kitchen sink. When I go to https://discuss-space.wmflabs.org/c/growth I see just about everything from environmental sustainability to generic movement strategy discussions to translation coordination to human rights campaigns, making it practically impossible to use it as a means of getting notified about events and community discussions more than tangentially related to community growth :(

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As an example, seems like Disinformation ended up under Growth (that wasn’t always the case, was it?)
IMO it’s a slightly confusing choice. Maybe there should be a top-level category like Topics or Goals?

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I think, the admin team reorganized the large number of existing categories recently.

@ELappen_WMF is this issue the result of that reorganization effort?

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Hey @Samat and @Tgr, yes, we consolidated a number of categories into subcategories to make the main page significantly more navigable. Scrolling through all the categories was getting daunting, especially on mobile.

I agree that disinformation doesn’t quite fit in #growth - it was previously a subcategory of Research, which is a more obvious fit to be moved to Growth. I asked @leila-WMF to take a look at the current taxonomy and let me know where she thinks it fits best, or if maybe it should be a tag. I hesitate to create additional categories since we’re really trying to consolidate for real-estate purposes :) but if there is an obvious category that is missing that could be home to many other subcategories then I’d be open to it.

I think the bigger problem is for Growth, see my comment at Welcome to the Growth space! (although lack of discoverability for Disinformation is a problem too). I would put both Growth and Disinformation as leaf categories under something like Topics (not a very good name, but you get the idea). Probably Research too.

Interesting. You can still refine your preferences separately for categories and subcategories (i.e. I can mute Campaigns, for example, and never have it show in the Latest list of Growth), but I do see how browsing the topics of the category is more convoluted now. So, in your opinion, you’d rather have Growth as a subcategory so that you can visit it and see only topics narrowly within initiatives at recruiting and retaining new editors? Otherwise, I don’t see how lumping everything into a more generic “Topics” category would make much of a difference.

If we do go with a more generic category, I’d be interested to know what it could be called. Topics is fairly nondescript but perhaps in the right direction. I also wonder which of the current categories/subcategories would be better served as tags.

It did seem to us that there was a strong case for things like Research, Wikimedia 2030, Brand, Campaigns and others to live in Growth, as ultimately growth is what these initiatives are aimed at. But again, open to refining.

Yeah, I think it would make more sense to have Topics > Growth, Topics > Research etc.
Half of the subcategories are not really related (Wikimedia 2030 has a bunch of growth-related themes for example but none of the explicit goals of the strategy as a whole are related to growth), the other half require an advanced degree in montgomerology to understand the connection. IMO Space needs to be convenient and understandable to community members primarily, not staff.

And in any case, even if a subcategory is conceptually related somehow, if it results in the actual topics not being related, that’s not a useful way of organizing things. It fixes the smaller problem of making the category hierarchy easy to navigate, and increases the more important problem of how to keep up with new topics and conversations (which most users will expect to just work without dedicated hacks in your configuration settings).

How is that we rename the Growth main category to Community issues (or something similar umbrella name, like Wikimedia movement), and the dedicated Growth category becomes a subcategory for members interested in community growth?


That would be a great move! Thank you Samat for this brilliant suggestion. :+1:


Still a bit too narrow IMO, Research or Brand or Environment network are not really community issues.

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Movement topics? Movement development? Community topics?

Something that adequately summarizes that the area is a compilation of different corners of interest and development within the Wikimedia movement.

@ELappen_WMF My preference would be to keep Research as a parent category and if Disinformation needs to be under a parent, I’d for now put it under Research. Will this work for you?

(I’m working on bringing the Research category as part of our workflow for us to move more of our communications here. Putting the category under Growth won’t work as others have mentioned. I will get in touch with you on our private thread to discuss some of the plans I have for it. Just got back from WikiLead.;)