Why the plain green square?

Is this really the Wikimedia Space “logo”?

The button logo at the cell phone app is a plain green square, the generated preview on Telegram is a plain green square… It’s kind of… square. :no_mouth:

Isn’t there a logo missing amidst all that green?


There was a Logo brainstorm discussion like two months ago, but the subject seem to be sleeping.

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The green square is just a placeholder for now. The thinking is mentioned on the notice at the top of the brainstorm topic that @fralambert has linked to. It’s also mentioned in the related conversation How Space links are displayed in Facebook - creating a logo will be part of an extensive branding process that we can undertake once Space graduates from a prototype. The logo needs to be well thought out, intentional, reflective of Space’s identity, and it needs to work with any other branding element. For now, any fun logo thoughts or ideas are welcome in the brainstorm!

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Maybe you could put the Wikimedia symbol in white inside the placeholder, meanwhile, so that it doesn’t get so green and square? :no_mouth:

The problem is there’s no placeholder Wikimedia symbol :P The projects have their own, the WMF has its own; all of them carry a good amount of specific meaning. You’re right in that we will need one for Space eventually as well. For now, we’re going green and square!