Wiki Labs Culture at the National Gallery of Denmark

Wiki Labs Culture is a monthly event hosted by Wikimedia Denmark in cooperation with various Danish cultural institutions. The program varies from event to event, ranging from editing workshops where participants can contribute their knowledge of Danish culture to Wikipedia, to more specialized events such as how to mass-upload collections to Wikimedia Commons.

The topic of August’s meeting, held at the National Gallery of Denmark, is the concept of Notability. Why have a barrier as to what can be written about on Wikipedia? How does one determine notability? Is the current system on the Danish Wikipedia not accommodating enough of more specialized topics such as poetry? The event will start with a short presentation about the concept, why it exists, and the various ways that different Wikipedias handle notability, followed by a free-form discussion.

Participants should RSVP to Museum Curator and Senior Advisor Merete Sanderhoff at We meet at the employee entrance at 15:00 / 3 PM.

Short page about the initiative (in Danish)
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