Wiki Loves Monument group?

@Effeietsanders how are you? :wink:

Would it make sense to have a group on Wikimedia Space to discuss WLM?

There are many resources we could share --I am particularly interested for instance in discussing on a thread within this group how to improve integration of Wikimedia Commons + Wikidata for WLM.

I am involved in the Brazilian WLM.

(Not sure this topic belongs here, so --dear moderators-- feel free to move it to the right place. I am still trying to learn…)



Yeah, this took me a few days to respond, because when you posted it, I was unable to log in to this space. Unfortunately it seems impossible to respond directly from email still.
We have a well-functioning (albeit quiet) mailing list, and I don’t see an immediate benefit personally to try to move a conversation here. I think the kind of conversations you’re describing h ave been held successfully in the past on that list.
But if you want to give it a shot, feel free to start relevant conversations here. It’s not my place to try to stop you to have constructive conversations anywhere, really :)


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Pretty sure this should be possible later on. We do something like this for where mediawiki-l is integrated with it. The setup required is just something that requires some careful work.

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I would also agree that the WLM mailing list is sufficient. However, there are special occasions when a structured discussion is needed (I think there was one or at least there was a planning for one last year on how to integrate Structured Commons - this one for example could have happened here).

Just fixed!

For details and feedback, see Integrating mailing lists to Wikimedia Space.


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We are looking for a mailing list interested in testing mailing list mirroring in Space. Would any of these lists (or both) be good candidates?