Wiki-Statistics as a tool for inspiration

Editors should see results of their efforts. The final indicator is a popularity of created pages or the whole Wikipedia. Several years ago I started Wiki Herald - a monthly publication whith the main statistic indicators of the Ukrainian Wikipedia. Here is a small excerpt of the current Wiki Herald ussue:

«In 2019, Ukrainian Wikipedia has reached 707.5 million page views. This is 17% higher than in 2018, which was 602, 4 million views.

The absolute annual growth is 105 million views! »,

Does the information, like this, inspire existing editors to continue editing and potential editors to start editing or it does not?


I believe this statistic is inspiring for those that are already wikipedians. I think it is on a too high level (or too abstract) to be inspiring for newbies. For that I would turn to page view statistics on the articles they have actually worked on.