WikiArabia 2020 announced

Next year’s WikiArabia has just been announced—looking forward to 2020 in Algiers!

Meet the WikiArabia 2020 coordinating team, headed by the awesome @Reda_Kerbouche :


Don’t hesitate to express your expectations
about the next wikiarabia.
feel free to post that here:)


Hey @Bachounda! I’m looking forward to the next WikiArabia. I hope that Algiers will also have a social event that gets participants to work together and really get to know each other. Even though my group did terribly in the competition (last or second-to-last) we really bonded and had a great time.

I’d love to offer a place on Space for next year’s WikiArabia planning committee to plan and collaborate (and for attendees to also give feedback!). It could be here, in this #events:wikiarabia subcategory, or it could be in a private (invite-only or request to join) group. I’ve sent you a private message to talk details :nerd_face:

Offcourese @ELappen_WMF We collecting max of ideas , by listening community befor the Step 0, we need to be sure to have a global vision for how we imagine this conf.

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I agree with @ELappen_WMF, the social event was such a great opportunity to get to know each other. and I hope the challenges keep the cultural aspect, but also use Wikipedia as the focus of the challenges.

Looking forward to next year!