Wikidata and WikiJournals win Open Publishing Awards

The 2019 Open Publishing Awards recognized both Wikidata and WikiJournals (run by the WikiJournal User Group) as among the 11 most outstanding projects of the year.

Wikidata received an award in the Open Content category. The judges wrote:

“Wikidata stands out for its scale and its quiet development of a set of massive data resources. Specifically when we think about publishing it is allowing us to connect the millions of research outputs and concepts, organisations and individuals and to understand how they relate to each other. Openness and open content are central to Wikidata. It is fundamentally built on open data and demonstrates the necessity of clear permissions for building integrated systems at scale. The judges were impressed by the scale and the central commitment to openness the Wikidata and the broader Wikimedia community exemplifies and its power to enable a wide range of communities through open structured data. The impact of Wikidata is developing but it already underpins a range of tools and systems such as Scholia, but has also enabled the scaling of other massive datasets. The potential is significant.”

WikiJournals was awarded in the Open Publishing Models category. The judges wrote:

“WikiJournals publishes a set of open-access, peer-reviewed academic journals with no publishing costs to authors. Its goal is to provide free, quality-assured knowledge. Secondly, it aims to bridge the Academia-Wikipedia gap by enabling expert contributions in the traditional academic publishing format to improve Wikipedia content. However it is the model that the judges found most interesting. WikiJournals play in the space between mass collaborative knowledge cultures like Wikipedia and more contained, linear models that we see in peer reviewed journals.”

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