WikiDienstag on Space

wow. could we get a open group #WikiDienstag (german) — that would be great :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


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@Sms2sms hello! Curious to know how Space can support WikiDienstag. Are you looking for a specific place where members can come collaborate and have conversations on Space? Or do you want to just make it easy for people to follow events, posts, updates related to WikiDienstag? We could possibly create a WikiDienstag tag that would be followable for everyone interested, that would be used to tag any topics posted about WikiDienstag in #events, #regional-coordination, #education categories and so forth. Let me know what type of work you’re envisioning WikiDienstag doing on Space and we can figure out together how to best support that! Feel free to reply here or send me a PM.

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Wow! Yes! Both :rofl: :two_hearts: (it feels like Christmas :-)

the space for collaboration, I would love to test and take the experience with me to the #wikicon19:

thank for your recommondations :two_hearts:

(the group should be open to everyone)

it would look like this?!?


how could we integrated this in our:


Your screenshot is just the homepage of Space, so that’s not where a discussion category would live :)

It would be a subcategory on the Discuss main page, similar to this:

In terms of appearing on your meta page, you could create a button that says “Discuss” or anything along those lines, and direct members to your discussion category to have deeper, more substantive discussions about whatever you’re working on at WikiDienstag. They could talk about policies, logistics, content, whatever they’d like. Do you tend to coordinate with members a good amount online? Or does most of your collaboration happen in person?

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we work 100% (ok… 99%) on wiki:

that is, what we call a #SmartSetting:

the offering of a snychron meeting (video/audio/chat) is just a option:


could be a under category of “Regional Coordination”?

if i become trust level 3 i could do tags.

related to: How to request a new category or closed group on Space

trust levels: Trust levels and user rights in Wikimedia Space

I had originally thought so too (hence my screenshot) but I believe WikiDienstag is an event, correct? If so, it should likely be a subcategory in the #events category.

Would you mind providing me one or two sentences to put in the “About” post? For example, this one that was just written: About the Belgian community category, or About the Indigenous languages category. It should probably be in German since I imagine you all will be collaborating in German.

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Diese Kategorie begleitet die Entwicklung von welche auf veränderte Bedingungen des Editierprozesses reagiert: ProdUsing #DataLiteracy

Diese Kategorie begleitet die Entwicklung welche auf veränderte Bedingungen des Editierprozesses reagiert: ProdUsing #DataLiteracy

for your information:

Category is open
“Regional Coordination” (German) - we call them #Sprints (collections of actions)
4 Events/Month (Online/German) - we call them #Feedlogs (synchron meetings video/audio/chat):

  1. Tuesday main emphasis: #Wikipeda
  2. Tuesday main emphasis: #Wikidata
  3. Tuesday main emphasis: #OpenScience #OER #OpenData asf
    L. ast Tuesday/Month main emphasis: #CommunityCare & #TransitionalJournalism

This category accompanies the development which responds to changed conditions of the editing process: ProdUsing #DataLiteracy:

  1. We are increasingly editing in larger groups.
  2. We are increasingly editing Wikimedia projects.
  3. The editing projects increasingly require more extensive agreements.

Hey @Sms2sms, thanks for the context.

The potential problem with putting WikiDienstag outside of #events is that the majority of posts will be about your events/refer to events/be followup conversations from events. Because the software does not allow you to put your posts in multiple categories, if you were in #regional-coordination instead of #events, you wouldn’t be able put your posts on the map or the calendar, for example, and you also wouldn’t get as much community visibility into the workshops/sprints that you’re planning, because people wouldn’t know they were events.

Keep in mind that we can change the category at any time. It’s simple. So, if in the future, we see a compelling case for #regional-coordination instead of #events, we can move it! Or perhaps in the future there will be a new category that is event more appropriate!

For now, I have put it here with your description, but again, open to change in the future:


wow. so cool. many thanks… :heart_eyes_cat::100::robot::rocket::rocket::rocket:

so i will do some experiments with some entries. just to test…

and i will look around, how others use the #events category…

espacally how i can integrated the category in the homepage:

if you see good practice, let me know. ok?

(probably i will delete test-entries… i hope, this is ok for you… otherwise, just let me know :slight_smile:

thanks again…


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hi @ELappen_WMF - do you think, a #wikidienstag tag would be possible?

i guess, a tag is working through the entire wikimedia space, right?

i just found this great URL:

list of all tags:

testing with url’s:

sorry. next question @ELappen_WMF

i don’t finde a explenation of the differenz of “wiki erstellen”… do you have link for me?

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Hi @Sms2sms, #wikidienstag is now available for your use. Perhaps we will find that the tag is really all you need—if you’d like to post different things in #events events and other things in #regional-coordination, you can do so with the tag, and then update your homepage link to reflect the link to the tag instead (as in above).

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I’m sorry I don’t think I understand the question :thinking:

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