Wikiexperiments revival

I would like to inform you that Shared Knowledge made efforts to revive the Wikiexperiments project, which aims at producing free videos documenting scientific experiments that can be used across articles.

After successfully producing 25 physics experiments in September 2015 and 20 chemistry experiments in June 2016, we have collaborated anew with the Institutes of Physics and Chemistry at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje with the goal of further reducing the gap in visualising scientific topics.

The first part of the filming took place in January 2020 with the production of 23 videos (22 new and 1 improved re-performance) documenting chemistry experiments that have been subsequently uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in the proper category (new videos are numbered from 21 to 42 and 6 was replaced with a better performance). The filming is expected to continue shortly with videos documenting physics experiments.

We are awaiting for the descriptions in Macedonian that will be translated into English in order to make them ready for use.

Note: I will write a more comprehensive blog post once the project concludes.