WikiGap 2020

Hi all!

As many of you probably know, WikiGap is organized annually around International Women’s Day 8 March. It is an initiative aiming to close the gender gap in Wikipedia, and is organized as a cooperation between Wikimedia Sverige, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Swedish embassies and Wikimedia affiliates and volunteers around the world. It was first organized in March 2018 and now we would like to do it for the third time! We are planning to organize several Wikipedia edit-a-thons around 8 March 2020. The purpose of the edit-a-thons is to create more articles about women, as a way of building a more gender-equal Internet and a more gender-equal world (a manual can be found here).

At this point, we have started the preparations for WikiGap 2020!
I have reached out individually to previous organizers, but if there are affiliates or volunteers who haven’t taken part in the initiative before but would like to – you still have the chance! Feel free to reach out to me for any questions. If there are previous organizers who I have missed to contact, feel free to reach out then too!

If you have already decided upon a date and started the preparations, please fill in the Events list at Meta. In that way, we know if you are planning an event and can reach out to you with more information.

WikiGap Challenge and Photo Exhibition
As last year, we will also initiate a WikiGap Challenge, encouraging article creation on women throughout the Spring. Last year, the winner Andriy Hrytsenko, from Ukrainian Wikipedia, got a Wikimania scholarship as a reward. The challenge will be online and coordinated on Meta, as last year.

For the first time this year, we are aiming to produce a photo exhibition, in digital and physical form, to highlight several of the great articles that have been written. Reach out to us if you have interest in hosting it! Our preliminary idea is to produce it with A4 photos to print and text in two languages, the original and English, besides.

Best, Eric Luth
Project Manager, Wikimedia Sverige


We joined the initiative in the last two years and collaborated with the local Swedish embassy on holding WikiGap edit-a-thons that took place in June 2018 and October 2019, in both years well past the period around the International Women’s Day, mostly because of the busy calendar and the time needed for the preparatory work. However, both events were truly successful and involved a large number of interested participants (mostly women) who substantially filled the content gap on the Macedonian Wikipedia. That said, considering that the proposed period for holding events is closely approaching, bear in mind that missing it is not the end of the world and not a reason to give up. You can do it whenever you feel ready and well prepared during the course of the year because, at the end, the main goal is simply to participate.

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