Wikimania 2019

Please join us for Wikimania 2019, from 14th to 18th August!

The conference will center around the theme:
Stronger Together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals


What is Wikimania?

Wikimania.svg Wikimania is the annual conference celebrating all the free knowledge projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation – CommonsCommons, MediaWiki MediaWiki, Meta-Wiki Meta-Wiki, Wikibooks Wikibooks, Wikidata Wikidata, Wikinews Wikinews, Wikipedia Wikipedia, Wikiquote Wikiquote, Wikisource Wikisource, WikispeciesWikispecies, Wikiversity Wikiversity, Wikivoyage Wikivoyage, Wiktionary Wiktionary – with three days of conferences, discussions, meetups, training, and workshops. Hundreds of volunteers and Free Knowledge leaders from around the world gather to discuss issues, report on new projects and approaches, and exchange ideas.