Wikimania Hackathon Introductions

Continuing the discussion from Wikimania Hackathon 2019: Hi! I am Rachel the Wikimania Hackathon’s main organizer. Please use this space to introduce yourself to other participants and ask any pre-event questions you might have.

Hi I am Rachel and will be at the hackathon to help people find their way. I can talk to you about hackathons, our technical event eco-system, show you a photo of my cat or talk to you about mountain sports. You should be able to find me at the technical help desk most of the time but I will also be on telegram, IRC, and generally around.
My question is for the Community Relations team at WMF! How many of you will be helping to staff the technical help desk this year at the hackathon?! ;) ;)


I imagine I will be able to help out a bit.

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