Wikimedia badges

Badges are fun :smile: They serve a number of functions*. Existing badges are default for Discourse, and it’d be awesome to create some related to Wikimedia.


  • affiliate Executive Director/board member/member/staffer
  • Arbitration/Affiliations/CoC/Communications/FD/Languages Committee member
  • Editor/Administrator/Bureaucrat/CheckUser/Steward/…
  • WMF staffer/BoT member

There could be badges for a given number of edits made / articles created / files uploaded, etc.

The sky is the limit. A part of gadgets might be granted automatically (because they’re related to the software) and some would have to be granted manually.

* yeah… I added emoji just in order to get the First Emoji badge. This exemplifies just one of the badges’ functions.


I agree, they’re really fun! And they go a long way to incentivize different types of participation, as you’ve shown :)

We’re definitely interested in creating more badges. There’s also a “title” function that can be given for people who are members of groups (i.e. if there were a closed BoT group, it could be set so that, below the username of each person in the group, it said “BoT member” or similar). We’ll have to figure out how we want these two things to interact and a process for determining the creation/manual granting of badges.

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And badges for former board members and so on.

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That’s not what badges are for, they show (and incentivise) milestones reached in interacting with the site. What you are thinking of is closer to the flair concept in Discourse.

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I like the idea in theory, but all the affiliates basically have the same logo so I don’t know how we’d distinguish each other’s badges/flair at 30px.

That’s a good idea, but I think this kind of badges about status can cause some confusions.

For example, I am both a Wikimedian with my own activities and a board member of an affiliate. When I interact with people here, the opinions I express are only my own as a Wikimedian - and not the opinions of my chapter. Indicating that I am a board member may be useful for some people, but most of time this is not.

Would it be possible to not mention that I am a board member for exemple ? Would we have the choice of the badges?
How to check if somebody is really what they pretend to be? (board member, chairperson, staffer…)

I do not have answers but all comments are welcome :slight_smile: