Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2020

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2020 will be the ninth annual meeting of Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe. The meeting will be held in Ohrid, North Macedonia from 18-20 September 2020, organized by GLAM Macedonia User Group.

This is a place to share your expectations, experience and other feedback.


@Anass_Sedrati and @Reda_benkhadra did a fantastic job with WikiArabia this year. I can’t speak to the cost element, but the sessions were great and really relevant for people from different regions with different interests. Do either of you have any tips on any of this you can share?

Thank you @ELappen_WMF for mentionning us in this discussion.
Based on our previous exprience in WikiArabia, what we suggest to our CEE colleagues in terms topic lists, is to have first a general theme to the conference (ours was “Wikimedia and the local communities”), which allows to tackle it from different perspectives, by having submissions aligned with theme, so that attendees participate in adressing it from their own angles and backgrounds, thus making the outcome relevant to everyone (big and smaller communities, beginner and advanced levels).
As for reducing the costs, I suggest to you for next edition to have partners and sponsors, so that they could participate in the financing and assist you in the organisation.

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I still didn’t really understood why the organizers chose the most remote city of Northern Macedonia :smiley: with a small airport that has basically only connections to Western Europe, Istanbul and Tel Aviv.