[Wikimedia Education] Call for papers - conference online

Hi everyone

I represent Wikimedia Polska, I lead the Edukacja team. During the
pandemic, we started organizing online conferences 'Educational one-day
confrence' aimed at teachers and educators. The next one will be on
November 27 (afternoon, Saturday, Warsaw time), also online. This time we
want to focus even more on education about the climate.
I would like to ask if any of you would like to give a short lecture on the
wiki project that one carried out with school youth/ school teachers - a
project on climate education, involving Wikipedia or its sister project..
Or maybe someone has developed a wiki tool to help with such education?
We'd love to hear about it on our forum!

Some links, where there are English description of the previous editions of



Please contact me if you think you want to share your ideas and projects.

Z poważaniem / Sincerely

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