[Wikimedia Education] Call for submission of Wikimedia Education newsletter

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. Sending love and good thoughts.

It is time to submit your articles for the July edition of the Education
newsletter. The articles could be submitted as a short summary of your work
this month and we are excited to read about the amazing work you have done
or planning to do, and share it with others.

We are still looking for a nomination for EduWiki leaders for this month,
Do you know any community members of the Wikimedia education community that
we should meet? Nominate them for a feature by following this
<Highlighting individuals involved with Wikimedia & Education>

The last date for submitting your article for the education newsletter is
20th of July. Please submit your article at the Education newsroom:
Let me know if you need more time to publish your article/s.

If you have missed the June edition of the newsletter, find it here:


Hey everyone,

Just a gentle reminder, today is the last date to submit your article for
the July edition of Wikimedia Education newsletter.

PS: We are still looking for volunteers to join us for EduWiki Outreach
Collaborators. Are you from South America or Oceania? Join us in
strengthening the network. Last date to apply for it is 22nd July.