[Wikimedia Education] #EduWiki challenges and other updates :)

Dear Wikimedia & Education Community,

How is everyone doing? Have you or anyone in your community supported
online learning recently? What activities have you found most engaging?
What has been most challenging?

We've updated the Comms tool-kit
with new #EduWiki challenges and lesson plans that you can share,
translate, remix, etc!

We'd like to give some *Wikilove
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiLove>* to *Wikimedia Mexico
<https://twitter.com/Wikimedia_mx/status/1253042270233784325>* and *Mohammed
Galib Hasan* in Bangladesh
<https://twitter.com/GalibAbir/status/1254052105985409024>, for translating
and sharing their own #EduWiki
challenges. Last week we focused on translating and contextualizing the
#EduWiki challenges, and found that our non-English posts were getting a
lot more views/engagements than our English posts, and we think that's
pretty exciting. A personal thank you to Sailesh, Melissa, Vasanthi,
Priyal, Meng, Brahim, and Soukaina for working hard on the translations!

Last week, Vasanthi and Imelda (one of our Reading Wikipedia
Coordinators in the Philippines) also supported CarloJoseph14
a Wikimedian and educator in the Philippines, to host a webinar for
teachers and school administrators with more than 100 participants.

Do you need support for a webinar, or another Wikimedia in education
activity? Did you know that the Education Team offers a limited number of
1:1 consultations
<https://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/Education/About/consultations> every
month? Besides that, we also host monthly office hours
<https://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/Education/About/Office_Hours>where you
can ask the Education Team any questions you have, and also learn from
other Wikimedians in our community. The Wikimedia & Education UG
also hosts a monthly meeting where you can engage with others in the
community and hear guest speakers talk on various subjects. There's a lot
of ways to stay connected. Please let us know of other ideas that you have

stay well,


Thanks for your appreciation Nichole! Its time to show our commitment

*Thanks & Regards,*
*Mohammed Galib Hasan*
Country Ambassador (Center for Open Science)
Collaborative Organizer (Wikipedia & Education UG)
Global Member (Creative Commons)
Email: mdabir158@gmail.com