[Wikimedia Education] ESEAP Regional Education Meeting

Hello ESEAP Wikimedians!

Wikimedia Education through the EduWiki Outreach Collaborators
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Education/EduWiki_Outreach_Collaborators> (
EWOC) is conducting office hours and regional meetings to provide spaces
for learning, sharing of projects, tools, or ideas with the education
community from the region.

Regional education meetings are planned by the Community Specialists in
collaboration with Wikimedia Education Team. This is an opportunity to
strengthen the EduWiki network, explore collaboration opportunities, and
identify common practices or challenges that are faced by our community
members in different regions of the world. For this month, we are excited
to meet with the communities based in the ESEAP Region

Our first ESEAP Regional Education Meeting will take place on 27th November
2021 at 7:00 UTC, (14:00 GMT+7, Indonesia Time, 15:00 GMT+8 Malaysia Time,
17:00 GMT+10 Australian Eastern Standard Time), with the theme: Wikimedia
Education work pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, and what are the plans
for the future.

During this regional education meeting, we will have the opportunity to
learn more about: