[Wikimedia Education] Help quantify the education program’s impact on new active editor numbers!

(Apologies if you already received this; I tried to send it earlier this
week but I think it didn't go through.)

Fellow education program leaders,

The Wikipedia & Education User Group has a request for you: Please share
the usernames of your participants with us!

Here’s why: We would like to quantify the impact the global education
program is having on the Wikimedia projects’ new active editor numbers. We
think the percentage of new active editors to all language Wikimedia
projects coming from all the educational efforts happening around the world
is likely impressive, but we have no way of knowing without having access
to usernames!

That’s where you come in. Whether your program is new with only a handful
of editors or a long-established program with hundreds of participants, we
want you to be counted. We are measuring our collective program’s impact,
and getting data from as many programs as possible, no matter their size,
is important!

Here’s what we need:
* You are best positioned to determine your own definition of which editors
come through your education program. Education programs look different
around the world; we trust if you say this person started editing through
your education program that they are part of our global education community.
* The timeframe we are looking for is January 1, 2019, through June 30,
2020 (or today, if you’re sending us names before then). Please share all
usernames of new editors who joined through your education program between
the start of 2019 through the first half of 2020.
* We only need usernames; we do not need the leading User: or which
Wikimedia project(s) they edited.
* Please send these by June 30, 2020.

To share your usernames:
* If you are using the Program & Events Dashboard (
https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/), simply send an email to
lianna@wikiedu.org (offlist) with a link to your campaign. If not every
program within that campaign is an education program, include in the body
of the email which program(s) should be considered part of your education
* If you do not use the Program & Events Dashboard, please collect
usernames into a spreadsheet and upload that spreadsheet here:
https://www.dropbox.com/request/PMJHRjgXuxJsM7yEmdGf (note: you do not need
to have a Dropbox account to submit a file here)

If you have any questions, please email LiAnna (lianna@wikiedu.org).

On behalf of the Wikipedia & Education User Group,


There might be some legal issues with this. Has anyone looked into
whether GDPR permits this information to be shared if a user's
information is protected by GDPR?

More generally, I'm not comfortable with this idea for privacy
reasons. Unless a user has consented to this type of information being
shared with an external entity, I think that it shouldn't be shared.
However, education entities can go to their participants and request
consent for this type of information sharing.

( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )

For Priyanka Mandikal's 2016 Accuracy Review project, I looked at the
documented policies governing this question and determined that (1) the
English Wikipedia admins and arbcom have asked that institutionally
organized student editing should but is not required to be disclosed. As
you might expect, there are a wide variety of individual reasons. One of
the reasons is that student projects have gone bad, causing disruption,
extra work, accuracy failures, style flaws, and other problems. While that
happens relatively less often after years of experience with education
programs, there are more of them now so the problem is still worthy of
consideration. My opinion is that students should be able to opt in and out
of that status publically, and if they start in a student program then they
should start editing with student status, which should not be visible
except in the user logs. The flaw with that approach is that a lot of
students who go on to edit long term might never opt out of student status,
but it might be fun to go through and thank them and highlight the best of
their stories for fundraising and such.

Our privacy efforts might be better placed working to protect the HTTPS
system of end-to-end encryption, because the legislation outlawing that
sort of thing would make everyone's complete internet activity including
browsing history available in full to state, federal, and local officials.

Best regards,

To confirm: I do not need real names, university names, course names, or
any other piece of information that might tie a username to a real-world
identity. I'm just looking for usernames of anyone who an education program
leader says started editing a Wikimedia project thanks to their education

If you are uncomfortable sharing usernames for any reason, obviously please
feel free to disregard.

Hi everyone! Thanks to those of you who have already sent me usernames. I
think I have all of them from 2019-20 that had Dashboard pages here:

I also have a collection of usernames emailed to me as well.

If you have not yet submitted your usernames to me, please do so ASAP!
* If you have course pages on the Dashboard, just add them to this campaign
yourself. To do so, click on "Edit details" on the relevant program pages.
Then at the bottom where it says campaigns, click the plus and type in:
Education courses 2019-20. Click save.
* If your usernames are not on the Dashboard, just email them to me at

Thanks for being part of the project to quantify the impact of the
education program globally! :)