[Wikimedia Education] Invitation for critical reflections on "Education, open participation and democracy", November 27, Berlin

Dear all,

The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) <https://www.alt.ac.uk/>
and Wikimedia
Germany <https://www.wikimedia.de/en/homepage/> are inviting you to an open
evening “Education, open participation and democracy: critical reflections”
on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 from 5pm – 9pm (CEST). The event, inspired
by the OER20 Conference <https://oer20.oerconf.org/> theme “The Care in
Openness” will focus on the ways in which Openness, individuals and
communities can foster a participatory and democratic culture in Open work
and in society in general. The event will run in parallel to #OEB19
<https://oeb.global/> and will take place in the main offices of Wikimedia
in Berlin.

Through the event we aim to open a space for critical conversations and
questions: Who is Open for and who is it open to? How can Open be leveraged
as a force for participatory culture in society and education? Which roots
of Openness do we need to be especially critical of when we claim that Open
is here to save us all from the world of proprietary, industry-driven and
techno-solutionist claims around education and participation in society?
How do larger narratives around web culture play into the ways in which
education, participation and the web are framed?

We are delighted to have a group of dedicated activists and researchers as
guests and contributors to this evening: Lorna Campbell, Laura Czerniewicz,
Maren Deepwell, Martin Hawksey and Audrey Watters. Find out more on our
guests and the agenda on our blog

We hope that this event will stimulate discussions that can continue at the
OER20 Conference and encourage participants to consider making a submission
for the OER20 Conference <https://oer20.oerconf.org/call-for-proposals/>.

The event’s facilities put a limit on the maximum number of attendees.
is free and open until November 22, 2019.

So please feel free to sign up and bring your colleagues and friends who
are interested in Open movements and communities in general and/or in Open
Education in particular. We are very much looking forward to welcome you
here in Berlin!

Best regards,


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