[Wikimedia Education] Join the Wikipedia & Education Mentorship Program!

Current and future education program leaders,

One of the key aims we had when founding the Wikipedia & Education User
Group was to create a more formal mentorship structure between established
and emerging program leaders. As education programs start, scale, and
adapt, there are always new things to learn about running programs. And the
best people to learn from are peers in our movement.

We had been planning to launch a mentorship program more formally at the
EduWiki Conference in 2020; the pandemic has delayed the conference, but
we're launching a smaller pilot of the mentorship program today.

Here's how it works:
* You can volunteer to be a mentor for someone, or ask to be mentored by
someone, or both! There may be things you know well that you can help
someone else learn, while also wanting to learn new things yourself.
* Fill out the form below. Note we are collecting personal information to
match you with a mentor or mentee; please don't put any information on the
form you're not comfortable with us sharing with the person we pair you
* For this pilot, we're looking to pair people by June 30, and have the
mentorship happen between July and December 2021 to see how it works. So
please fill the form out by the end of June.
* The more people we have who sign up, the greater likelihood we have
someone we can match!
* We will evaluate the pilot in early 2022 and decide how to adapt it in
the future.

Fill out the form by June 30:

Leave any questions on the talk page of our Mentorship page:

Chair, Wikipedia & Education User Group