[Wikimedia Education] Let's celebrate Wikidata's 8th birthday by raising awareness about Wikidata in Education

Dear Wikimedia & Education community,

As many of you may know, Wikidata's 8th birthday celebration
<https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Eighth_Birthday> is coming soon!
The Education Team hopes to participate in the birthday celebration by
raising awareness of the educational value of Wikidata.

During the week of October 26-30th we plan to celebrate "Wikidata in
Education Week" with the following activities:

   - Hosting a Wikidata in Education meetup
   - Sharing a Communications Tool-kit with messaging the community can
   share on their social media channels
   - Hosting live interviews with Wikimedians who have used Wikidata in
   - Launching a consultation with key influencers on how Wikidata can be
   used for curriculum digitization

Would you like to participate in a short interview to discuss how you have
used Wikidata in Education? Please respond to myself (nsaad@wikimedia.org)
or Sailesh ( spatnaik@wikimedia.org) by October 16th.

Do you have an idea of other activities we could do during this week to
raise awareness of Wikidata in education? Share it here!

all the best,