[Wikimedia Education] Let's celebrate Wikimedia in Education! Join the organising committee of EduWiki Week.

Dear friends and colleagues,

My apologies for yet another email. I hope you are all doing well. Last
year, during Wikidata's 8th birthday we planned a week-long celebration to
highlight the importance of using Wikidata in education
and the community members involved in it. We interviewed 8 volunteers and
affiliates staff and learned how their work creates an impact on the

This year we are planning to scale up the initiative to involve other
Wikimedia projects that are used in education and highlight the various
stakeholders involved in them. We came up with the idea of hosting an
“EduWiki Week”. EduWiki Week
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Education/EduWiki_Week_2021> will be a
virtual celebration of Free Knowledge in education, showcasing the value of
the Wikimedia projects and the amazing work of our EduWiki community and
allied organisations.

EduWiki Week will take place from 25th October 2021 to 29th October 2021.
It will be a 4-day long virtual celebration! We are planning to have
workshops, lectures, and various fun activities scheduled for that week.
This will be a great opportunity to strengthen our network, learn from each
other, and meet new people!

To make this event a success, we need your help. We are looking for
education community members, and affiliate partners to collaborate with us
and help us plan and design this event.

These events can be:

Dear friends,

We have decided to postpone this event for later. We will share the new
dates with you soon!
In the meantime, you can still express your interest to be a part of the
organising committee for EduWiki Week. We are planning fun and learning
events for this, and we need your experience and expertise to help us
design the event.