Wikimedia Education Office Hours, August 2019

We are here with the Office Hours for the month of August. Office Hours is an open platform for The Wikimedia Foundation Education Team to hear from the community, share what we’re doing and answer questions in an open forum where we can learn from each other. The platform provides an opportunity to share your work with others and learn from them, get updates from activities happening around the movement and look for opportunities to collaborate.

The agendas for this month are:

  • Education Space at Wikimania
  • Office Space
  • Updates from the Education Greenhouse
  • What’s next with the Education mapping exercise

Join us:
Google hangout meet:
Etherpad Link:

Did it work out, anyone joined? I don’t see any meeting minutes written in the etherpad.

@Shangkuanlc, Yeah, we had very less participation yesterday. Only Nawaraj joined the call, but he was disconnected. We waited for some more minutes, but no one else joined so had to cancel the call.

@SPatnaik-WMF, sorry to hear that. I only saw the telegram message a few hours after you post it :( Hope to catch up with folks next time!

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