[Wikimedia Education] Opening of Vikidia in Portuguese

Hello Wikimedia Education Group,

Rafaela Samagaia, from Brasil, is leading with the Federal University of
Santa Catarina (UFSC) a large project of building a children's encyclopedia
in Portuguese.
A Portuguese edition has the potential of being a big children encyclopedia
very quickly.

Could you help us reach all Portuguese-speaking wiki user groups interested
in starting the project with them?

We opened for testing https://pt.vikidia.org .

Thanks a lot!
Plyd, from Vikidia

Hello Plyd,
That sounds very exciting! If you are interested in an exchange of
ideas and experiences, your primary contact is certainly from Vikidia,
but I would be happy to talk with you about building up an
encyclopedia for children.
Kind regards,

Dear Plyd,
From our experience, Txikipedia is the best approach to the children encyclopedia issue. Children are visiting Wikipedia (even in languages where Vikidia exist) and giving them a devoted space inside our infrastructure gives the best results.

There were some concerns two years ago about security, but our experience is delightful, more and more students and teachers are coming to us and we have lots of schoolchildren writing at Txikipedia in this moment.

I hope other communities can adopt also our approach.



Hello Galder,

You did a great job on Txikipedia but I think Txikipedia concept is mostly
useful for small communities like Euraska's, with same contributors on
Wikipedia and Vikidia, and with a very implicated friendly group, which
keeps a the friendly ambiance for children.
However I doubt we can reproduce that for larger wikis, in particular
because it does not make a safe place for children to contribute, they are
welcomed and reverted like adults, and adults can even send private
messages to children on Txikipedia.
At Vikidia we value a lot the contribution of children to the encyclopedia,
and we encourage it, sometimes with class exercises.
That makes Vikidia get articles on subjects adults wouldn't write, and
remind all the time to focus on young readers.
Sometimes, some contributors start to write in a much too complicated way,
without noticing it... They're here also for that.

Klexikon approach is also far from Vikidia. If I remember correctly,
children were prohibited from contributing.

Since we are talking about the different approaches, there is also
Wikimini.org, which at the opposite, focuses mostly on children
contributions, that gives a much different result, for younger readers I
think (Vikidia focuses on 8-13yo).
There is also the oldest, Wikikids.nl, which inspired Vikidia, and has a
similar approach too.
And last but not least the "Simple" Wikipedia, but mostly for foreigners,
not focusing on children.

However, we opened the wiki for trial, we'll move later articles if needed.

Best, Plyd

Hello Plyd,
I think there are some usual misconceptions that keep repeating over time. First of all: adults can send messages to children at Vikidia. They can't send private messages and you can't send private messages at Wikipedia if you don't fill down the e-mail option. Children below 13 years old CAN'T legally have an e-mail, so they souldn't fill this section wherever they are creating an account. Larger communities may have different problems, but actually you don't ask for age when creating an account, so you may have underage contributors now at ptwiki. I assume there are underage contributors there, as we don't ask for age.

Second: children are reverted at Vikidia. I can easily find content reverts there. If Vikidia users are not reverting, editing or discussing with other users, then the content may be compromised easily. There's vandalism at Vikidia, too. You have the same social issues at Vikidia that exist at any given Wiki. But Wikipedia has a larger community, so it is easier to find solutions, even technical solutions (ORES, filters...) that are not available at Vikidia.

Third: children and young editors are currently writing at Txikipedia on topics that adults are not covering. And they are doing it great. This is a really weak argument, as we do have articles that are only at Txikipedia, and the community is really happy about it. Why should it be different at any other given Wiki?

Fourth: As a fact, we received exactly the same comments when we created Txikipedia, and reality has proven that we were right (700 articles in 5 years at Vikidia vs 2000 at Txikipedia in 2 years) and that this can be done. Teachers are delighted, we are having more events at schools than ever, and children are writing about their hometown, about the topics they like or creating biographies in a rate we haven't seen before. In a month we will have more new articles that were created at Vikidia in any given year. So, we can also create education resources INSIDE Txikipedia and use it at schools.

I hope Portuguese community finds the way best fits their needs, but I would appreciate to be honest about our claims.




(I am Mathias Damour - Astirmays, I opened Vikidia in 2006)

There is not so much resources in English about Vikidia or the
encyclopedic wiki for children generally, yet you can read :