[Wikimedia Education] Responding to school closures related to Covid-19

Dear Wikimedia & Education community,

First I want to say that I hope you all are doing ok in this time of
crisis. We all have been affected in many different ways, and you all are
in our thoughts. If you haven't heard, the Wikimedia Foundation is
operating at a reduced capacity
to allow staff to take care of themselves and their loved ones. In light of
this, the Education Team has shifted our focus to supporting those affected
by school closures to make use of the Wikimedia projects to continue their
learning. I'm writing to ask if any of you have the time and energy to
work alongside us in this effort.

According to UNESCO, as of 16 March, 73 countries have announced or
implemented school and university closures. 56 countries have shut schools
nationwide, impacting almost 516.6 million children and youth. A further 17
countries have implemented localized school closures to prevent or contain
the spread of COVID-19. The Education Team is working to produce messaging
and resources that can help people make use of the Wikimedia projects to
supplement learning for out of school children.

*You can help by *

   - *Telling us how the pandemic has impacted your Wikimedia & Education
   - *Providing your ideas of how our community can be helpful in this time*
   - *Letting us know anything you are already doing. *

*I've created a google form where you can share this information.

In the following day or two, we'll synthesize the ideas and share them with
all of you. We'll also provide a few concrete ways you can support the

Thank you for all that you do,


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Nichole Saad, 17/03/20 16:52:

    -*Providing your ideas of how our community can be helpful in this time*

The Italian language's community's response is being summarised at this page for now:


Thanks, Nichole, for reaching out about how Wikimedia might engage our
community and support learners, educators, and movement volunteers impacted
by school closures because of COVID19.

Replying on-list with my responses to your questions, so that there's an
on-wiki record at Wikimedia Space. I also submitted my answers via the
Google Form.

Where are you located?
Sonoma, California, USA

Are you a member of a Wikimedia affiliate? Please list them below.
Former Staff, Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia Education Program Manager

How are your community's education activities impacted by the Covid-19
Schools are closed county-wide from preschool through university.

What ideas do you have for how our Wikimedia community can support those
impacted by school closures?
Sharing best practices and how-to tutorials for hosting web-based video
instruction, live streaming like Google Hangouts, chat platforms like IRC,
collaboration platforms like Wikimedia Space, threaded mailing lists,
newsletters, blogs, and virtual office hours. Providing a repository of and
links to resources, case studies, and online training. Explaining the data
dashboard and its value in demonstrating the impact of distance learning.
Being a welcoming and inclusive and positive source of ideas and
inspiration during dark and uncertain times. Basically, just continue doing
what the Wikimedia Education Program has always done. Thanks, Nichole.

Are you already doing something to support those impacted by school
closures? Tell us about it! Share links if possible!
I expect to be furloughed because of the recent school closures and the
likely indefinite suspension of site-based instruction in California. I
want to be of service and I’m ready to wash my hands and get right to work!
Please tell me how I may volunteer.

My best to you and your team and to our entire community worldwide.

Take care and be well.

Anna Koval

Anna, it's great to see you.

( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )

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I made a video, in Spanish, about how to lick your hands. It is free, I
leave it here. regards Fernando

I made a video, in Spanish, about how to lick your hands. It is free, I
leave it here. regards Fernando