[Wikimedia Education] Video: Education and the Wikimedia Movement in Latin America

Hi everyone!

I hope this email finds you well!

We write to share share the video "Education and the Wikimedia Movement in
Latin America" [1]

Participants include: Alejandro Reyes by Wikimedia México, Estefanny
Sandoval Galindez by Wikimedia Colombia, Rocio Aravena by Wikimedia Chile,
Oscar Costero by Wikimedia Venezuela, Erlan Vega Ríos by Wikimedistas de
Bolivia, Florencia Guastavino and Luisina Ferrante by Wikimedia Argentina.

The video is a conversation about the challenges of working in education
within the Wikimedia Movement during 2020. We talked about the challenges
presented by isolation and confinement for the proposals that were being
developed, how the education chapter or program faced those challenges,
what reflections, experiences and learnings we have after going through
this year and what do we think we can contribute as an education program in
the region by working with Wikimedia projects.

The conversation also represents the closure of the "Training Program in
Education and Human Rights in the Wikimedia movement" that we carry out
during 2020 from Wikimedia Argentina. You can learn more about the program
here [2]

The video is in Spanish and has English subtitles available.

We hope you enjoy it and that it is useful to continue thinking about
education within the Wikimedia Movement.




Florencia Guastavino
Asistente de Proyectos de Educación
Wikimedia Argentina

Veo que se mueve el tema Wikipedia en la Educación, en Uruguay sacamos un
libro sobre el tema, con versiones en español e inglés, acá les dejo enlace
para descargar el libro en PDF, enlace a la presentación, etc.


Fernando da Rosa

I see that the Wikipedia issue in Education is moving, in Uruguay we
released a book on the subject, with versions in Spanish and English, here
is a link to download the book in PDF, link to the presentation, etc.



Fernando da Rosa