[Wikimedia Education] Wikidata in Education, WikiJournals: Next Wikipedia & Education User Group Open Meeting

The Wikipedia & Education User Group invites you to attend our next Open
Meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, October 13, from 4 pm UTC to 5:30 pm UTC
(see your time zone here: https://zonestamp.toolforge.org/1634140801).

As usual for our Open Meetings, we will provide updates from the Wikipedia
& Education User Group board, then leave most of the time for our guest

Our guest speakers this month will be Amanda Rust and Amy Ruskin, who will
speak on their work with Wikidata in an educational library setting, and
Thomas Shafee, who will discuss the WikiJournals and their bridging of the
Wikipedia-academia divide.

Our speakers' biographies:
* Amanda Rust is the Associate Director for Services in the Digital
Scholarship Group in the Northeastern University Library. She’ll speak
about how Wikidata fits into an initiative to collaboratively document
neighborhood public art data in Boston. By focusing on public art outside
of more well-known downtown areas, this initiative hopes to highlight the
history of art and artists in historically marginalized neighborhoods.
* Amy Ruskin is the Data Engineer in the Digital Scholarship Group in the
Northeastern University Library. She will discuss the process of setting up
the Boston neighborhood public art project in Wikidata, including
determining data models and creating a WikiProject page.
* Thomas Shafee is an evolutionary biochemist and data scientist based at
La Trobe Uni in Australia. He'll talk on the work he does on bridging the
Wikipedia-academia divide by forming compatible interfaces between the ways
the two communities operate. As part of this, he chairs the WikiJournal
User Group, and is Editor in Chief of the WikiJournal of Science and an
editor for PLOS Genetics. Through these, non-Wikimedian scholars can write
new high-accuracy Wikipedia pages, and existing Wikipedia pages are put
through external peer review.

We hope you can join us!

The meeting will be hosted via this link:

Meeting ID: 813 7122 3837
Passcode: 153195

If you would like to be added to the Google Calendar invite, please send me
an email offlist.