[Wikimedia Education] Wikimedia Education Greenhouse online course on Wikiversity

Hola everybody!

I hope this message finds you well and healthy. I wanted to share with you
the news that the Education team has completed the pilot stage of the
Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse online course. We published a brief recap
of the last unit along with some highlights in the June newsletter,[1] I
hope you have a chance to check it out! As mentioned in the article, one of
the next steps we have taken is making all the content of the online course
available on Wikiversity[2] for anybody interested in conducting Wikimedia
education projects.

In this online course you can find resources and activities around the
topics of knowledge equity, Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality
Education), national education policies, project management skills, and
advocacy - all connected to Wikimedia and education. There are practical
assignments in each module of the course that allow you to create a project
proposal for a Wikimedia education project by the end of the course. You
can find the proposals developed by the participants of the first cohort
there as well to use as inspiration[3]. There is also an opportunity for
interested participants to work towards achieving a special badge that
recognizes their learning achievements on this course[4][5].

We are grateful for all the valuable feedback and enthusiasm we have
received from the first cohort of participants in the course and we are
excited for everyone to take advantage of these resources on Wikiversity
now. As usual, please do reach out if you have any feedback or questions!

All the best,

- Melissa

[2] https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Education_Greenhouse